About me

My name is Barbara Pieter. I’m keen on Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and Macrobiotics for many years. I’m certified Ayurvedic consultant, yoga instructor as well as engineer.

I can learn you how to take care of yourself to stay balanced and healthy. I will guide you on how to balance your diet, lifestyle and how to make small but important changes in your daily habits according to your body type.

Ayurveda bring more harmony, so you can improve your health and live a long and happy life.

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Why am I doing this?


I have received my own lesson. I have learned by my own how simple but permanent changes in diet and lifestyle habits with respecting nature cycles bring to our life more harmony and balance.

Person’s life quality improvement I guided.

Ayurveda as a science of life which is tested by thousands of years is the best wisdom you can use.


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"I was suffering from sinusitis for many years. Every infection ended with sinusitis and antibiotics. Thanks to the ayurvedic treatments, my problem disappeared. I received 3 treatment sessions 2 years ago and one reminder session in the spring this year. I have no sinus problems by two years. Thank you, Barbara!"
Ewa Kostowska-Barcik

"The best Kobido I have experienced! Mrs. Barbara knows what she is doing, every movement, every touch on the skin. I have the impression that a lot of knowledge was put into practice with great precision, sensitivity and individuality. The whole treatment was very pleasant and relaxing, and the effect was visible after the first session! I don't know how it's possible, the magic happened some time was pushed back by a few good years! Mrs. Barbara! Thank you, I will definitely come back!" ❤️
Barbara Piotrowska

"Relaxing massage is a masterpiece! It relaxes wonderfully. I fell asleep on the table :). I recommend it to everyone who is stressed."
Ewa (Sosnicowice)

"I dealt with sinusitis for two years. I had a headache, no sense of smell, puffy face and swollen eyes. Barbara performed an ayurvedic sinus treatment. After one session of treatment it passed. It was 3 years ago. I am very grateful for the help and highly recommend it!""
Barbara Szkolak

"Thank you for introducing me into Ayurvedic world. This is very smart holistic approach to life. Ah, that balance! In fact, during your presentation, I answered to myself where could be the cause of my main current ailment. Thank you once more!
Jaroslaw Florczyk

"The treatments are very helpful, significantly less pain and greater mobility in the lumbar area, noticeable improvement after 3 visits. I definitely recommend it, kind and professional."
Elzbieta Maslowska

"I wholeheartedly recommend yoga with Basia 💓💓 From the very beginning, she showed me that yoga is not only asanas refined in every detail, but also a state of mind. During the classes, I learned to break away from everyday duties and focus on myself and my body. Basia focuses on details, but thanks to this you can see the results! She is very helpful and patient. The presence of another person who will show you how to do a given position is invaluable! You can't see it on movies, because it's not the same. I recommend Yoga to everyone 🙏 "
Beata Nowak

"Very professional and individual approach as well as a precisely and professionally performed massage, every detail taken care of. Great relaxation. Barbara's professionalism, tact and personal culture meant that I was not afraid to ask questions during the massage. I received answers to my questions and valuable tips, which I will implement in my everyday life. I recommend it because it's really worth it."
Mariola Morcinek

"I have been struggling with sinusitis for 30 years. I was sick 2-3 times during autumn and winter seasons. The treatment usually ended with antibiotics, which weakened my immunity and I quickly got new infections. I found Barbara through a friend who met me sick again. I didn't hesitate for any moment and made an appointment for the "Swobodny Oddech" treatment. At the very beginning, Barbara explain me the cleansing procedure, which made me feel safe. She is an extremely empathetic person, with whom I felt exceptionally well taken care of, and most importantly, my ailments disappeared. Additionally, during the treatment I received many valuable Ayurvedic tips. Barbara has deep Ayurvedic knowledge which I intend to implement in my daily life. I wholeheartedly RECOMMEND and thank you for your help."
Zaneta T.

"My husband and I took Ayurvedic consultation to learn our constitutions. Consultation very informative and specific. Barbara is a very patient person and conscientiously answers questions and doubts. As a result of the consultation, we have introduced changes in our everyday life, which makes us feel better and healthier. Besides, we are in touch, Barbara responds to our e-mails and text messages in which we have some questions related to Ayurveda. We sincerely recommend that if you want to live a healthy life and enjoy the most beautiful things in your life. We recommend consultations with Barbara. Thank you very much."
Aneta & Tomasz Wrobel

"Barbara is an empathetic, smiling person who knows what she is doing. I took Marma massage treatment series. In addition to the therapeutic properties I felt their relaxing power - I fell asleep during each of the treatments. After Barbara's treament I felt lighter and younger! I would like to add that as an engineer I have my feet firmly on the ground and I am quite skeptical about various types of therapies that were previously unknown to me. Barbara explained to me the way Marma therapy is working. I highly recommend it!"
Ewa Kostrzewa

"Barbara’s consultation helped me assess and standardize my knowledge about my body type. I received not only a set of accurate recommendations, but above all, motivation and faith in gradually implementing them in my life. "
Bogusia G.

"Yoga calms me down and, of course, stretches all my muscles. Several neck, back and shoulder pains no longer bother me too much. I feel much, much better both physically and mentally. I'm glad I took your classes.""
Ewa Zbiechowska

How it started?

It will be not surprising that just health problems led me to become keen on holistic medicine. Holistic medicine and natural methods managed to deal with my disorders some time ago. It was an impulse to develop further knowledge.

At first, I explored the secrets of Chinese Medicine (TCM), and then I met Ayurveda, which delighted me with its wisdom.

I did not stop learning from the available literature. I decided to go deeper by participating in the 1st and 2nd degree courses for an Ayurveda consultant at the Jiva Ayurveda Institute (India). I am also a Physical Recreation Instructor specializing in psychophysical exercises based on the hatha-yoga system.

I am constantly seek knowledge by reading professional literature and taking part in related courses.

Thanks to eagerness to acquire necessary growth and invest in myself, I give value to myself, my relatives and clients.

I’m working in Poland.

After work…

Taking care of the garden, baking sourdough bread, walking or reading books…