When the diet is wrong, medicine is of no use; when the diet is right, medicine is of no need

Charaka Samhita

Ayurvedic consultation

Regain harmony in your live

Ayurvedic consultations online


You have some health issues for period of time.

You have already visited various specialists, but still don’t feel your body is functioning in proper way.
You have an inner belief that you need to approach your health more holistically.
You know Ayurveda by name, but it’s hard for you to recognize it all…
…you don’t know how to start…

…you need support in the process of changing your habits into proper ones…

Take an Ayurvedic consultation to determine your body type and take care of your health.

How process performs

Ayurvedic diagnosis

Your body-mind constitution and imbalance are determined and you receive recommendations

Nature’s cycles

You are become familiar how to respect nature’s laws according to your body type

Personalized diet

You are guided on best suit you diet according to your body type

Breathing and body work

You are guided on best suit you physical activity and proper respiration

Stress and emotion work

You are guided on easy and helpful technics of stress relief


You are guided on best suits your body type herbs

Step by step

You are guided to implement proper habits in your live respecting your constitution and current imbalance step by step.


The emerging effects give you more strength, so you can see it’s worth it!

First step

You make an appointment for a ayurvedic consultation (approx. 1- 1.5h). During this meeting, a body constitution analysis is performed to assess your body type and allow you the opportunity to discuss any basis for imbalances. Thereafter, you are guided on how to balance your diet and life style according to unique body type. Knowing your constitution is like a compass that allows you to make the right choices. Prepared recommendations are sent to you. If you need we can set a time to discuss them.

Follow-up steps

You are working on your lifestyle habits and diet recommendations. If you need my further support we arrange next one online meeting after approx. 2-3 weeks (45min-1h) to discuss your progress. We are in touch via email during whole process. You are working at your own pace match to your needs.

Primary consultation: 150 EUR 
Next consultations: 90 EUR
„Your most faithful doctor is your knowledge. It watches over your health throughout your life.
How good is this doctor? It’s up to you.”
Mariusz Deluga
If you could feel that your body is fit and you could read its signals?
If you could know what to eat and what is good for you?
If you could take care of your needs?
Would your life have a different quality?